Merchandise 2023-24

This season there is a change of supplier of the Club’s merchandise, both in the range and how it is purchased. We will not be holding stocks of merchandise like in previous seasons, our new supplier TNF will be holding stock and supply upon order.

Please see the attached link for our new apparel range going forward from this season, the new supplier TNF are providing every player with a free white 2 day top as part of the new agreement.

We will have sample sizes available at the clubrooms.

Click on this link to see the new range and sizing guide,

Your initial order needs to be placed online by SUNDAY 13th August, 2023. These orders will be collated by TNF and delivered to the club after about 6 weeks to be handed out.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Jason Merrett, Rian Boddy or James Rodda with any questions regarding the uniforms.

The items shown below will still be provided by the club, prices for 2023-24 are still to be confirmed.

Caps, Floppy Hats, Helmets

Playing Cap

Price $20 tbc

Wide Brim Floppy Hat, Teal

Sizes XS to XXL

Price $25 tbc

Greg Chappell Hat, White


Price $27.50 tbc

Helmets- C-Line Jnr/Snr *

Price $100/$110 tbc

Helmets- T-Line Jnr/Snr *

Price $110/$150 tbc

Kit Bags

Senior Bag

Price $150 tbc

Junior Bag

Price $120 tbc